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President Levy Mwanawasa, SC of Zambia urged southern Africa to take a new approach to Zimbabwe, which he compared to a ”sinking Titanic.” In one of the strongest African comments on the rule of the Zimbabwean president, Robert G. Mugabe … clip on the play buttom on youtube to watch the commentary.

Mr. Mwanawasa said the ”quiet diplomacy” policy of southern African leaders had ”failed to help solve the political chaos and economic meltdown in Zimbabwe.” The ”twist of events in the troubled country,” he said, ”necessitates the adoption of a new approach.” He added that the region’s foreign ministers would discuss the crisis later this week, before a meeting of regional leaders in Tanzania next week. 

Feel free to post your own comment on this important development here and or you can go to the State House link and send a message of support to the president for taking the lead in what might end up being one of the worst human disasters in the Southern African region. We at the Zambian Chronicle do support our president for his boldness and show of leadership in our region … thanks a trillion

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