Zambia's first president Kenneth Kaunda.

While the news that former President Kenneth Kaunda has been ordered to pay for his legal fees well in excess of $600,000.00, may sound gloomy it also presents an opportunity for the Super Ken.  

I strongly believe he can stand up to the challenge and show the world that not only is he a great freedom fighter; he also is a man of means. Other nations have settled former heads of state fees before like it was in the case of Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush but in the case of Bill Clinton he refused to ask for such help. 

Emotions can easily run high but the Big Man owes and in no certain terms did his attorneys advise that they took the cases on pro bono basis. It might have been insinuated but certainly not overt. 

Here are some suggestions for him to raise the funds necessary to settle his legal fess.

 v     Like Clinton start globe trotting giving speeches in the west for at least $100,000.00 a piece – Bill Clinton collected million to settle his $5,000,000.00 in less than three years after leaving office. 

v     Open a legal fund for well-wishers to send money into to help settle. Scooter Libby opened one and he had millions before even the trial began. 

v     Write a new book about poverty, AIDS, freedom, etc – the Big Man has some great pull among international hospices and his advance payment may even be in excess of a million. In the case of Bill Clinton, he is worth over $43,000,000.00 today and yet he left the White House over $5,000,000.00 in debt with legal fees.

Every problem and or challenge in life is an opportunity for success and Super Ken may even net some profits out of this predicament if well managed … thanks a trillion. 

Governments Have Paid Former Presidents’ Legal Fees Before 

Clinton’s Monica Scandal Debates of Government’s Help – $5,000,000.00 

Clinton Refused to Ask For Help From Government To Pay 

“The travesty in this thing is, the way the law’s written, you can only get your legal fees if you’re a target of an investigation, but you’re not charged. So if you’re charged and acquitted, you can’t get them, and if you never were a target, you can’t get them.” (Bill Clinton – Friday, December 24, 1999)