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Now, Tayali ditches UPND


SUSPENDED United Party for National Development (UPND) national youth chairman, Frank Tayali, has resigned from the party.

Mr Tayali said yesterday that UPND had allegedly lost the values it stood for under its founding president Anderson Mazoka, who died early last year. He said he could not continue aligning himself with the leaders in UPND. “UPND is not making any real impact as an opposition political party. The purpose of an effective opposition is to provide checks and balances to the ruling party, but UPND is not doing that,” Mr Tayali said.He accused the UPND leadership of ignoring advice.
“I realised that the leadership does not heed advice. I have given advice on a number of occasions but it has not been heeded,” Mr Tayali said.

He said UPND was losing prominent members through resignations because leaders were unaccommodating.

Mr Tayali claimed that he was suspended through a faxed letter after the party learnt that he was about to resign.

He said this after being asked why he waited for the party to suspend him before deciding to resign.

“The party first wrote me a letter on July 10, 2007 asking me to give reasons why I had not been attending national executive and national management meetings since January. I was given 14 days to exculpate myself and I told them that I would announce my reasons at a press briefing to be held on August 1 (yesterday).

“They sent my suspension letter through a fax to Ndola when they knew I was in Lusaka and I only heard the news on radio,” Mr Tayali said.

He described himself as a hero as no one had ever passed a vote of no confidence in him during his tenure as national youth chairman.

On Tuesday, the UPND suspended Mr Tayali from his position for failure to attend meetings.

The party also expelled former Minister of Health, Levison Mumba, for contesting the recent Kapoche Parliamentary by-election.

Mr Mumba was deputy director of logistics in UPND before his expulsion.