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zambia_01.jpgDid anybody remember what today is? It is September the 28th and the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise went to the polls a year ago.

It was a frenzy day, all the candidates had put in their very best, and their machineries were sitting at the edge.

The air was ecstatic, some tempers high in certain places and the world was watching … No one knew for sure who that actual victor would be … it ended up being the incumbent recapturing the crown.

We were the first ones to congratulate the president for his sweet victory even if our candidate of choice was HH for stood under UDA auspices. We are the first ones today to wish the president God speed on this first anniversary of his sweet victory in consolidating his party’s lead offering the much-needed leadership.

We have watched the president grow in eminence and grow comfortable in the job … Meanwhile, according to ZNBC 250 members of the ruling Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) who include the entire district committee in Chongwe in Lusaka province, have defected to the opposition UPND. 

Nevertheless, MMD chairperson for elections and chief government spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said while the cadres are exercising their right to join a party of their choice, the ruling party will probe the cause of their defections. 

Former Chongwe District MMD Chairperson Willie Shaila led the defectors. Mr Shaila said the ruling party was dead in the district hence their decision to defect.  And receiving the defectors at Chongwe grounds, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said the opposition party is committed to poverty eradication.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND has room to accommodate 12 million Zambians. When contacted for a comment, Mr. Mulongoti wished the defectors good luck saying it is their democratic right to do so. 

Mr. Mulongoti said the defections are not good riddance, as the ruling party will investigate why some of its members have defected to the opposition. 

Mr. Hichilema has been doing a lot of things right since the last election and like president Mwanawasa has grown on the job, we continue to see him growing into a formidable “politician” – it is not enough to be a good leader with weak political acumen. 

He recently donated vehicles to continue mobilizing and growing his party. He continues to grow more and more comfortable being a leader of party with fresh growth coming up and come 2,011; we see an appealing contender with the ability to be the next president and that is this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.   

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle  

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