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The trial of former president Frederick T J Chiluba has being going on for almost seven years now and most people (including us at the Zambian Chronicle) are beginning to wonder the seriousness of the prosecutors in bringing the matter to a close.

With the turn of events being what they have been for so long, a second look at the Chiluba fiasco brings into question whether what we have here is a systematic exposition of an abstract political theory aimed at the vilification of the accused. At this point, we are not looking at whether Chiluba really stole or he did not, we merely want to be dialectic by looking at the position taken so far by the prosecuting authorities.

A young Greek Sophist Thrasymachus once defined justice as whatever the strongest decided it was and that the strong decided that whatever was in their best interest was just.

Over the years, we have seen this kind of jurisprudence used; in fact, Chiluba himself used it at several turns in his presidency to his peril.

Nevertheless, just because he too used it does not make it right for if it was wrong then, it is plausible that it could be wrong today. No one wants justice done than any of us the Zambian Chronicle but we also are tired of the circus the fiasco has brought about.

It is time to execute and execute properly. Tones of taxpayer’s money are being used and the end of the day one needs to look at the cost-benefit analysis of the whole enterprise.

If we need to hurl Chiluba in prison then by all means, let us do that now and stop all the pussy pudding we have seeing. If we cannot make the case, let us shut the enterprise (the task force) down and move on to important issues affecting the nation.

One wonders what the powers that be are trying to prove by delaying this fiasco. Is it that there aren’t enough soap operas on Zambian Television and this seems to provide a holier than thou scenario for some? This certainly may seem to have entertainment value to some.

We say it is time to close shop on this and move on to other things, we do not want Chiluba to be Zambia’s main pre-occupation when in fact he isn’t. Once Chiluba is not within public eyes if convicted or exonerated if not, let his name be purged from all Zambian lips as we look forward to things that make Zambia proud.

Many powerful people he associated with around the world do not even want to hear his name mentioned and we are sure the Zambian populace is Chiluba weary either; that’s this weeks memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle

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