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The method is bring out names of people you think, have presidential Qualities. It is time to start separating water from oil. This is the right time. Bring them in a debate. Some people need a kick to let them know they have presidential qualities, just like some have positively identified Mrs Mwanawasa. I am sure every Zambian has someone on their mind. Bring your wish list. We will take a person on the operation table to see what exactly is inside the candidate. We Will slice and dice each candidate. We will make sure the best candidate gets support by letting the public know about the candidate.  Zambian Chronicle has a link to the outside world.
This is not about appointing spouses. We are here to groom ourselves and be able to identify quality leadership, and compete on a global scale. The government should work for its people not people working for the government.

Check Mbikusita Lewanika . She is able to get a job anywhere in this world, due to exposure and education. She is doing a great job.

We at Zambian chronicle will work hard to make the best candidate get all the exposure he/she needs. We are here to serve you all at no cost.

 You are all talking like educated people. you make us so proud when we read some sensible comments.
 When you say positive sensible things, it shows the world how peaceful and democratic Zambian people are.
  We are a civilized nation. Zambia has never experienced war, from the time we got independence from the British on October 24 1964. No Zambian has ever tested a refuge camp. At all cost, Violent should not be an option. I am sure we do not want to go there. So let us keep peace in our country, we will shame the devil. We have experienced a lot of Distress in our country, most of it man made.Death is an everyday thing, the pain that can not be compared to anything in this world. HIV AIDS has wiped the nation in a blink of an eye. Despite all that, we know God is with us.Give God a way to pass judgment. God will fight for you. Keep praying do not stumble. There is nothing powerful than a prayer to God. Remember money is a source of evil. Jesus was sold for 30 p.

We are a strong united Nation. We may be dying like rats,we burry ourselves, we morn ourselves, and we reach out to one another. We are a family.

Lets not  break the chain of peace. Due to our good deeds, God will help us pull through.

Unity will help us achieve positive results.The headace we all have is how we are going to Win HIV AIDS.

 We have a big battle to fight HIV AIDS. We all need to work together as a nation, to combat it.

Let us choose our leaders with peace. You all have potential in this world, you have talents, you are smart, even with  limited education system.

We will survive. Do not stumble.

I  trust that  Zambians will do the right thing.

Critical thinking is a key. Lets think outside our own boxes and Identify good leaders. If we do not conduct open debates like this, we will end up choosing wrong leaders. Trust me this is very healthy.
Our team keep posting updates of the USA presidential elections, the reason we are doing that, is to have our fellow Zambian have a feel of how people outside the world choose their leaders without a violent act.

I was very disappointed when I went to, and read some of the comments.
People with simple minds post ridicule. Smart people come with ideas. You need  to respect your leader at some level for security reasons, do not let your enemy take advantage of your divisions. Remember Zambia is a country of immigrants on a small scale. You will still need your ruling president when it comes to international relations with the outside world and in times where the country has a problem, you will still need him to act.
Currently, we are concerned  about the contraceptive injection that speeds up the virus and reduce immunity system. We are doing everything trying to dig out any information that can give us a lead. where necessary we will post our findings.
   Cursing your own leader’s wife who is still in power and has said nothing shows how we use our emotions to control our minds. Mrs Mwanawasa never said a word about her stand. It come from  Zambians who are seeing her work  and felt She is a right person to be the next President.  Zambian Chronicle sees nothing wrong in doing that.It gives everyone something to think about when there is time.  last minute candidates are dangerous, you will come to know them when they are already in the state house. Do your home work now in Identifying a president.That is what democracy is about. Every Zambian citizen has a right to come forward , Zambian people have a right to vote.

It takes a day to choose your leader, But it takes a long time to identify him.We feel this is the best time to bring your candidate on an open forum debate. You may just realise or learn something you were not aware of.
 So instead of firing insults at the first lady, lets fire at each other, do not take things personal, debate with an open mind in a professional manner and give reasons.
We Zambians do not want to end up like Kenya.
Simple minded people resort to violent. We are all smart people. We are a peaceful country lets maintain that peace. 

 The headache is how to save a great nation like Zambia, lies a big puzzle.

Reversing the Mistakes that some humans created for themselves. HIV virus is human created in a lab.  According to the reports that I found , it explains how Green Monkeys were collected from Congo to some lab in this world.The video clip below explains how HIV began. Take a time and listen to it.

Evil goes  back to torment the originator. The virus has gone bouncing back from where it originated from. God brings balance in humans.

 Keep our nation in peace for who ever will be left. Some of our youth may survive the epidemic. Those are the future leaders. Let us protect our youth by choosing right people to lead the nation.

There is no place like home.
I will answer all those comments I saw in, because comments that instigate violent is not health to the country.

Unfortunately, when it comes to voting all smart people never show up.
Open debates is a best option in identifying quality leadership. We need quality, not quantity.

We have created a place were we can all express ourselves freely.
My advice is: You are  Zambians and  we at Zambian chronicle respect you for that. You have all the right to oppose or support an idea.  We would recommend when you support, give us the reason you are supporting the idea. If you oppose, give reasons, that way, you are not just exercising your rights as a Zambian Citizen, but you are helping your fellow Zambians to think outside their box.

  We respect people like you who are able to question every decision. Keep it up you are on the right track.  You all have reasoning minds, and that’s what Brainwave and the team are doing here.
   When someone comes out to challenge you, go back do your homework, do not hide,  prove your point. Never let anyone in this world tell you, you can not do it. Have confidence in yourselves. That is a way to go. Zambians are very smart, only lacks self- esteem.

We at Zambian chronicle are happy to hear every comment. As you bring out your views and points, it helps everyone of us. We do not need Kenya situation, in Zambia.

So stay here we want to hear more from you. Give a belliah1.jpgSuggestion of a person you think may make a good president. We will put forward the name and wait for people views.

Thanks a trillion


Belliah K Theise

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor – Zambian Chronicle

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