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belliah-2.jpgAs per Promise- the ball is rolling:

As a board member with Career Vision Ambassador Inc ( USA non- profit org). The Board has approached me to put Zambia as their first choice for student exchange program. Any  University, college and high schools that would like to participate in hosting career Vision to come tour their schools at no cost, should  write to Zambian Chronicles. Zambian students will have a one on one with students from other countries . The students will go round schools to not only motivate Zambian students, but to share their experiences. Belliah will Arrange a conference call. Career Vision plan to visit between May 2008 and August 2008.

Career Ambassador Inc mission statement:

It is a comprehensive Mentoring, Leadership and workforce Development Organization that tremendously increases disadvantaged youth educational expectations and Employment opportunities. The organization’s vision is to enhance youth economic, social, education, Financial and leadership skills as well as introduce them to a mentorship model. curriculum that enhances and promotes long term success. ….More about Career Vision go to  education page.

Thanks a Trillion

Belliah K Theise

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