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levy.jpgLUSAKA (AFP) — Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa has recalled his ambassador to Libya after he castigated heads of state for their failure to fast-track the formation of a pan-African government, his office said Friday.

Mbita Chitala wrote an article which has been circulated at the ongoing African Union summit in Ethiopia where he backed Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s plans to set up a 15-member cabinet for the whole of the continent this year.

“Mr Chitala advocates policies which are contrary to those of government and attacks the majority of African leaders for not adopting such policies and establishing a union government,” presidential aide David Kombe said in a statement.

The Zambian government has insisted that it can only support the formation of a single government for Africa after consulting thoroughly with citizens.

“This article has caused untold embarrassment to the president and the government of Zambia,” Kombe said.

Chitala, a close ally of Mwanawasa, was appointed ambassador to Libya in August last year after serving in various government positions in Zambia.

While many of the continent’s leaders have paid lip service to the idea of a so-called United States of Africa, few have shown any enthusiasm for the timetable envisaged by Kadhafi.

The Libyan leader warned earlier this week he would turn his back on Africa if the continent’s leaders again reject his proposals at the Addis Ababa summit.

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