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b6_edited.jpeg01 February 2008:
Published by: Belliah K Theise
COO and Managing editor
Zambian women demand for further investigation on Depo- provera contraceptive injection drug.
As a Zambian woman, I am not convinced  that this drug is 100% safe. 
According to the studies and research, this drug not only speeds the growth of virus and other STDs deseases, it also results in significant loss of bone density, and that the loss is greater the longer the drug is administered. Reported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 17, 2004 Document number T04-50. ( Black Box Warning)
I am not here to accuse Anyone, on behalf of Zambian women, I seek further investigation on Depo-provera contraceptive injection.
I am here to make a plea on behalf of every  woman on this earth.We women deserve life. We are not monkeys or rats.
The demand for further investigation is due to the research that I did on my own, as I am concerned being a mother of two girls and have sisters who have been on this drug since 2006.
I lost one of my sisters who had a very weired growth on the neck and genitals.  Doctors in Zambia dioganized it as cancer.
The study that was done on March 2,2003 at McMaster University in Canada stated that  “the findings suggest that women who use Depo-provera might be particulary susceptible to developing genital herpes when exposed to the virus.”
Kaushic who conducted the study was also not convinced when the drug company spokesperson defended the drug.
“Kaushic noted that the new findings add to past research suggesting that Depo- provera can increase the risk of other STDs, including chlamydia.
After this study issued a warning in Newyork, on September 8, 2004 Titled ‘Family Planning’ groups spreading AIDS in Africa with Depo Provera, New study warns” the warning also stated: “From 1994-2000, USAID provided 41,967,200 units of Depo -Provera into developing world.”
In 2004 The U.S Agency for Development(USAID) identified Repositioning Family planning as a priority for its work in Africa.
According to the ACQUIRE project report- “Case studies were undertaken in three countries that have been successful in increasing contraceptive use and reducing fertility-Ghana,Malawi,and Zambia- so that lessons learned can be used to guide strategy development and identify key investment.”
A three- person team conducted interviews and site visits in Zambia from February 14 to February 25,2005,interviewing 31 key informats and holding group discussions with community volunteers.”
We need further investigations to make sure the drug does not speed up the virus. Since USAID’s intentions was to help Zambia women to reduce their fetility, They can still revisit the drug and demand for another study. In the mean time, Zambian women can use other measures like condoms and different contraceptive pills.
We need someone to prove that the research that was done in 2003 and 2004 were wrong. We need to know why it was donated to Zambia in 2005, after  the study and FDA had issued a black Box warning against it stating that Dep-provera was not 100% safe.
I have lost half members of my family. I just need further investigation for the future generation. We women are not looking for compasation. We are  not interested in anybody s money, we need life. That is all I am asking for, on behalf of women, not only in Zambia, but every woman on this earth, since it seems we are the target of experiments.

For God’s sake Zambia needs medication to reduce the growth of virus, not to speed it up.

With the history of what happened in Libya when the medical workers, who in May 2004 were sentenced to death on charges of intentionally infecting hundres of Libyan children with H.I.V, were freed and  international incident was averted, in eyes of Africans the medical workers release appears to be the latest episode in a health care nightmare in which white and Western- trained doctors and nurses have harmed Africans- and have gone unpunished” ( article by Harriet A Washington – Why Africa Fears Western Medicine-published: July 31,2007)

As a Zambian woman, I am not convinced that Depo provera Contraceptive injection is 100% safe for a woman who has a virus in the body. It may not transmit AIDS, but it reduces the immunity system in woman’s body, and speeds up HIV virus.

Just like Zambian women many American women have complained after using the drug, and no body is listening. What is wrong with you people. I do not want to mention the drug company that makes that drug, for security reasons, FDA report states that the drug company is aware of side effects of loss of bone density.

Do you think the drug that contributes to the loss of bone density will be good for a country with high rate of women infected with HIV virus. Life expectant in Zambia is 32 – 33 years. Who will be left in zambia in the next 50 years if all women are put on the slow puncture drug?

I have worked as a consultant and done a lot of research on drugs and by-products. I know what I am talking about.I know every law firm that represents this big companies, and all this bolonies.  This injectable drug do have side effects.

My sister is six feet under. This is not about potential investiment opportunity, this is life at stake.This is not some sort of a joke  So why can’t leader s come up with a better solution to solve a problem? Please Investigate further, and give us a feed back. We are not here to sue each other, we are here to save lives. AIDS has affected the entire world, any drug that speeds HIV virus process should be removed from the market.

 It is like money has taken over the world. There are still many monkeys and animals that can be used for experiments. Please give a woman a break.

Please can some one start listening to the horses mouth, instead of a drug company that is looking to maximise its profits?
It is like the world has put women on death row. For heaven sake, A woman is an asset to the world. Why can’t the world listen to the cry of women. We women deserve life.

Yes Depo provera does not transmit Aids,

My Concern is, does it speed up the virus or reduces Immunity system? We woman of Zambia demand further investigations . Please we beg you. This drug may be good for a developed country with millions of hospitals and proper medication, Vitamins, immunity booster, but not for a country like Zambia.

We need HIV medicine not something that can speed up the virus in the body.


Belliah K Theise

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor

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