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5 February 2008 

Dear Mumba Brainwave

The year 2007 was another record year for Airbus, a successful but challenging year.  In 2008, Airbus continues to plan for the future introducing its latest global market forecast, which covers growing world demand for aviation and its environmental and economic impact. 
In parallel, Airbus, at the forefront of eco-efficient developments, performs the first ever flight by a commercial aircraft using alternative fuel. It’s not the final answer to developing a clean and sustainable fuel technology but it’s a big step towards this goal.
And further proof that at Airbus, we are putting the environment at the top of our agenda as we look to the future.

1st February 2008

On 1st February, the A380 test aircraft MSN004, powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, flew using an alternative ‘gas to liquid’ fuel for the first time in the history of commercial aviation. This demonstrates how Airbus is putting the environment as a priority as it looks at the future.

Watch the video

Read the press release

Read the news about the flight

7 February 2008

On 7 February, Airbus will present its latest global market forecast covering the next 20 years. Watch the Airbus site to follow the conference live and get the latest facts about the growing world demand for aviation, its contribution to the world’s economy and its environmental impact.
Browse through the new 2008 Global Market Forecast, available on line from 7 February.

16 January 2008

In 2007, the A350 established itself as the fastest-selling aircraft ever. Airbus gained 1,341 net orders and delivered a record 453 aircraft on time and to customer satisfaction. The deliveries include the first new eco-efficient A380 to Singapore Airlines.

Read the press release

Read the annual review

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