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2006 Election – Candidates

Levy Mwanawasa – Current President  2006- 2011

Aspiring Candidates for 2011 Elections (MMD)

Hakainde Hichilema (UPND)

Edith Nawakwi (FDD)

Tilyenji Kaunda(UNIP)

Godfrey Miyanda(HP)

Benjamin Mwila(ZRP)

Michael Sata ( PF)

Nevers Mumba (NCC)

Gwendoline Konie(SDP)

Inonge Mbikusita- Lewanika(AZ)

Yobert Shamapande(NLD)

Proposed by the Public: Maureen Mwanawasa ( She did not declare herself, people did)


Inonge Mbikusita -Lewanika Vs Michael Sata ( week 2)


Inonge Mbikusita- Lewanika Vs Nevers  Mumba (week 2)

Round 3: 

Inonge Mbikusita -Lewanika Vs Hakainde Hichilema


Inonge Mbikusita – Lewanika Vs Edith Nawakwi


Inonge Mbikusita- Lewanika Vs Tilyenji Kaunda


Inonge Mbikusita -Lewanika Vs  Godfrey Miyanda


 Inonge Mbikusita -Lewanika Vs Yobert Shampande


 Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika vs Gwendoline Konie


 Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika vs Maureen Mwanawasa

Give us your opinion of who you think should be the next president


MICHAEL SATA’ S PROFILE:                                                                                         

Born 1937 in Mpika, Zambia former chief executive of the ruling party MMD. and close partner of former president Fredrick Chiluba. Sata is now a leader of Patriotic Front(PF), he known as ” King Cobra”.

Back ground Qualifications and work experience:

Work experience:

1.  police officer

2. Railwayman

3. Trade Unionist before entering politics in 1963

4. 1985 Governor and Member of Parliament for Kabwata Constiency in Lusaka

Served as Minister for Local government, Labour and briefly Health- as MMD, 1995 He was appointed Minister without portfolio.

Micheal Sata left MMD and set up a new party (PF) after Chiluba nominated Levy Mwanawasa.

 Michael Sata’s Academic Qualifications:

Not found- Not indicated in any of his profile.


Born 10 July 1943, in Senanga is a senior Zambian politician currently seving as Ambassador of the republic of Zambia to the USA.

DR. Lewanika attended New York University. She was a Lecturer and Professor of education at the University of Zambia.

 1. 1965-1972 Lecturer at Evelyn Hone College and Mongu Teacher Training College. 

2. Worked for the University of Zambia as a professor

3. Worked for UNICEF as a regional adviser for Africa.

4. 1991 was elected to Parliament for MMD and worked in various committees.

(a) Forein Affairs

(b) Experts Committee on Conditions of Service

(c) Education, Science and Technology

(d) Children, Youth and Women

She  Ran for president in 2001.

5.  2008 aspiring for the position of Chairperson of African Unity(OAU)


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Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor

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