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KABWE District Commissioner (DC), Jane Chileshe has bemoaned the increase in the number of of older women having affairs with young in the district.Mrs Chileshe told ZANIS in an interview today that it was disheartening to see a woman going out with a male of more than 12 years her junior without feeling embarrassed.“For a young person to approach an elderly woman then it means he has seen a weakness in the woman. In most instances these women give these boys a lot of money to lure them into having sex with them,” she said.

Mrs Chileshe urged the young men not to be enticed with money to fall in love with ’suger mummies’ but rather follow the proper African set up were relationships are concerned.

Meanwhile, the DC has noted that there has been no cases of Cholera recorded in the district so far.

She commended the Ministry of Health (MOH) for putting up measures like giving out Chlorine and lime to the residents in order to avoid any cases of the water borne disease.

“The district is faced with problems of water and sanitation but I am happy to say that we have not

any Cholera reports as yet, which is a good sign,” Mrs Chileshe said.

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