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FTJ has a Case to Answer, Trial Date SetFormer Republican President, Frederick Chiluba has this afternoon been found with a case to answer.
This is in a case in which he is accused of stealing public funds amounting to $488,000.
He faces a minimum of five years in jail if found guilty.
The Lusaka Magistrate Court has consequently asked Dr. Chiluba and his co accused, to defend themselves. Magistrate Jones Chinyama set the trial date for May 5. Chiluba denies any wrongdoing.

The former president is accused along with former Access Financial Services Chief Executive Officer, Faustine Kabwe and Managing Director, Aaron Chungu.

They all face 12 counts of theft.

Dr. Chiluba and his co-accused are expected to start their defence at the next court hearing scheduled for May.

Principle Resident Magistrate, Jones Chinyama was satisfied that the prosecution has proved its case against Dr. Chiluba and his co accused beyond reasonable doubt.

Mr. Chinyama further said ledgers and other accounting documents admitted as evidence by the prosecution are conclusive and can not be easily dismissed.

The entire case revolves around funds paid to Dr. Chiluba’s children, which were trasmitted from the Zambia Security Intelligence Service account at the ZANACO Bank London branch called the Zambia Transregional Operations Account (ZAMTROP).

According to evidence produced by the prosecution team, funds were diverted from the $9.6 million meant to pay two United States firms Wilban Incorporated and Systems Innovations for upgrading security installations at several strategic government departments.

Mr. Chinyama said in his ruling delivered that Part of the funds were also used to buy houses in Lusaka’s Roma and Kabulonga residential areas for two Lusaka Lawyers, Eric Silwamba and Vincent as renumeration for defending Dr. Chiluba in the 1996 presidential petition.

Mr. Chinyama said his findings are not withstanding Dr. Chiluba’s assertions that funds paid to his children from the ZAMTROOP account were from private sources and had co mingled with the government funds in the ZAMTROP account.

But Chiluba has said some of the funds were his own money, given to him by his friends, while the rest was for national duties taken by the intelligence agency.

He is also fighting in court to block authorities from recovering $58 million that last year a London high court ruled he had to repay, with interest, for allegedly stealing while in office.

Zambia lodged the civil case in British courts in the hope of recovering properties allegedly purchased with stolen funds and owned by Chiluba and 19 other defendants in Britain and other European countries.

Chiluba has not been convicted on criminal charges of stealing the funds and he does not recognise the authority of the London court.

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