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Barry Artiste, Now Public Contributor

8-year old passes Law Entrance ExamCertainly food for thought when Immigrants to Canada do not understand why their University Degrees from Non Western Countries are not accepted by Federal Authourities in Canada.  The 8-years old is described by his parents to the media that their child is an average 8-year old with average 8- year old intelligence certainly didn’t help Brazil’s Law Society and the Governments investigation into how this could happen.  

Certainly an embarassement to the Lawyers currently practising in Brazil and their Clientele who retain them. But then there are some who after witnessing Lawyers and Judges who some who eventually become Policiticans, even in Canada, and their childish antics, pretty much figured out that tidbit of information for themselves.

Brazilian boy surprises lawyers by passing law school entrance test


SAO PAULO, Brazil – An eight-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a judge has passed a law school entrance exam, shocking Brazil’s legal profession and prompting a federal investigation.

The Universidade Paulista, a multi-campus private university, issued a statement acknowledging that Joao Victor Portellinha de Oliveira had passed the entrance exam and that it initially enrolled him. But he was turned away from classes when he showed up on Thursday with his father.