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Swiss food giant Nestle said Wednesday it had withdrawn 250 shipments of baby milk powder from South Africa, Botswana and Zambia due to defects in the mixture.

The problem batch of Lactogen 1, produced in South Africa and sold in the three Southern African states, had been found to contain overly high amounts of zinc, copper and iron.

As a result, the powdered milk had such a nasty smell and taste, it would not have been consumed by infants.

“A technical fault in the equipment resulted in a wrong proportion of the mix,” a Nestle spokeswoman told AFP.

“The problem is resolved and the product has been recalled. Boxes which are still in the factories and warehouses have been blocked,” she added.

Nestle had in previous years also had to recall its baby milk powder in China due to health concerns linked to excessive iodine and low protein content.

Source: Afriasia