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FORMER Works and Supply minister, Ludwig Sondashi, has declared that he will float himself as the ruling MMD presidential candidate at the party’s next convention.

Speaking at a Press briefing at his office in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Sondashi said he had the necessary credentials to stand for both the party and Republican Presideny.

“I will stand as the MMD president and if adopted I will go for the Republican Presidency. I am the best suited and more relevant person to become president of Zambia,” he said.

Dr Sondashi said if elected president of the MMD, he would continue with the anti-corruption programme of the party and ensure that he continued with the development programmes.

Dr Sondashi said there was no one among the people aspiring for MMD presidency who had more experience and relevant qualification to run the party’s affairs than him.

“I have the experience of having worked with all the three presidents of Zambia, which makes me more suitable for that position. When you look at all the others who want to lead the MMD, no one is more suitable than me,” he said.

He expressed confidence that he would be chosen to lead the MMD because he had all the necessary qualities to continue with the good governance espoused by President Mwanawasa.

Asked if he had marshalled the required grass root support for him to win the MMD presidency and later on the Republican Presidency, Dr Sondashi said there was no way he could aspire for those positions without enough support.

“You cannot go in a battle when you know you are going to lose. I cannot impose myself but the party members will choose,” he said.

He said everyone who wished to contest the MMD presidency should feel free to declare their intentions publicly because they had the constitutional right to do so.

MMD chairman for elections, Mike Mulongoti said Dr Sondashi was free and welcome to contest the MMD presidency.

” He is welcome because he has been a member of the party for a long time. I am sure he knows the rules of the game,” said Mr Mulongoti, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting as well as chief Government spokesperson.

Dr Sondashi has served under both the Chiluba and Mwanawasa adminstration as cabinet minister. He also served in the Unip government.