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    LUSAKA, March 24 (Xinhua) — The election campaign of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has entered the final week with presidential candidates making last-gasp efforts to woo voters, according to Zambia Daily Mail.    Outgoing president Teddy Mulonga was in Eastern Province while Kalusha Bwalya was in Western Province at the weekend.    Mulonga said in Lusaka Sunday that his campaigns had been successful and that he was confident that he would bounce back after Saturday’s elections in Lusaka.    Mulonga, however, said he was disappointed with some aspiring candidates that were allegedly distributing football balls, jerseys and track suits to clubs.

    He said as head of the national football governing body, he wanted to see people vying for various positions conduct clean campaigns.

    “As FAZ president, I would like to strongly condemn candidates that are distributing balls, jerseys, boots and track suits to clubs. These are against the rules of elections.

    “Bribes should be kept out of football if FAZ is to have a formidable executive after March 29. In the spirit of fair play, I would like to warn people engaging themselves in vote buying to stop,” Mulonga said.

    Meanwhile, Division Three clubs in Western Province at the weekend resolved to vote for Kalusha.

 kalu.jpg   Speaking on behalf of nine clubs in Mongu, Western Province, Amateur Football Association (WPAFA) secretary, Isikanda Mwauluka,said Kalusha was the best among the three.

    Mwauluka said the football family in Western Province had resolved to vote for Kalusha because he understands the game and that they were also happy with his manifesto.

    Mwauluka said clubs wanted a person that had dedicated all his life to football.

    He said the province had been neglected for a long time and that time had come for them to vote for Kalusha and give chance to other executive committee members that had genuine passion for Zambian football.

    “We’ve resolved to vote for Kalusha because he is the only one with the best manifesto. We believe that voting for a person who has dedicated all his life to football will also benefit us.

    “The change of leadership in FAZ is a must because we’ve been neglected for a long time. We want to be recognized not only during elections but all the time,” Mwauluka said.

    He said the province was blessed with abundant talent that could see WPAFA contributing players to junior and senior nationalteams if FAZ supported them. Kuomboka Rangers chairman, David Chengamali said: “Kalusha is our man. We have so much talent here and Kalusha’s visit to the province is a blessing because most of the people here just see him on television.”

    Real Drivers secretary urged the out-going FAZ vice-president not to forget the province after being elected president as they did not want him to be like other past presidents that ignore the mafter being elected.

    Speaking at the same meeting, Kalusha said he was humbled and impressed with the passion and commitment people of Western Province had towards the development of football.

    “Developing grass roots soccer is one of my major priorities. With this dedication among you people, we’ll make a difference. Football elsewhere in the world is changing and that is why councillors need to vote for people that would bring change.

    “Zambia needs to move at the same level with other countries that are doing fine in football.

    All you need is good leadership on top. I see no reason why we should be failing to beat teams Zambia used to beat such as Nigeria, Cameroon and Morocco,” Kalusha said.

    Pivoty Simwanza, who is vying for the position of committee member, said he had gained a lot of experience and that he wanted to contribute to the development of Zambian football under the leadership of Kalusha.

    Boniface Mwamelo, who is standing for the position of treasurer,said his aim was to bring corporate entities on board and look after FAZ’s coffers well.

    Out-going committee member, George Kasengele, said people would see significant difference in the running of Zambian football if Kalusha was elected FAZ president on March 29.

    Keegan Chipango, who is vying for the position of committee member was also part of Kalusha’s entourage.

Editor: Du Guodong