By Bellah K Theise

When Women Rule they Rule Big

I am not the Hillary supporter, but I feel I should give her a credit for her strong will to fight .As I have always said, I have admiration for women who stand up for themselves. Women who believes that they should have equal opportunity in this world. Congratulation to Hillary for her victory in Indiana.

I support Obama, because In my own opinion, I feel, Obama is capable of  uniting the world, He has good sense of judgement when it comes to making decisions that are critical to his country.

On the other hand, I give Hillary a credit for her hard work. Mind you she is 60, and fighting like a 25 year old young lady with full of energy.

Hillary is not only an attorney by profession, but a real politician I have ever come across in this world. Even though she is behind in this campaign, I can say she is smart and her energy just gets a kick out of me. For that Mrs Clinton I can give you Kudos, as most of women in my native country Zambia get old in their 40s.

Tough tough……….Bill said the Clinton’s do not quit. Even a lose is a win.

At Least  Hillary spoke with passion here , than before. Though I see too many personalities in her depending on a situation hard to  tell the real Hillary.

A word for Zambian woman!!!!!! Get tough

This is the reason, Inonge Mbikusita and Maureen Mwanawasa should not give in. Girls you can do it. Just consult Hillary, she will show you how to play this game.