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By Belliah Theise
Where there is a will there is a way.
Considering some of the downfalls that Zambian government faces, one example are bad roads. It makes it very difficult to keep up with repairs  due to inevitable Long rain seasons. Zambian government may have to start considering introducing tolls fee . Toll Booths can be at  Entrance of major cities and highways. The system has worked in developed countries. People may whinny, but eventually when you think of the benefits, I think it may be worth a try. Self innovation brings prosperity, as long as motorist can see the money  paid  is being put to good use.
The problem is to control the many petty thieves we have in Zambia. 
Many  people in Zambia are motorist, and with an increase in foreign investment, it is time Zambian enterprise put into consideration funding our own projects like road repairs, instead of relying on borrowed money.
For example, instead of having the corrupted police officers that pretend to be making road blocks, when in actual sense, the majority of them just pocket bribes from motorists on road blocks, Officers can be placed at each booth for safety purpose and can do random traffic checks.
In my own opinion, it will be to the best interest of both the government and the road users, to introduce tolls on the highway at each entry point of major cities.
 The headache will be to find honest personel to handle the cash. If this can be feasible, the money could be injected back in the system to repair roads.
 There are so many systems  developed countries have used, that seem to work as long as there are checks and balances in the system to execute the needful. Most developed countries survive on credit cards system. Some ideas that the government and financial institutions may start considering.
Instead of waiting for somebody else to bring infrastructure, Zambia should show case that it is trying to be self innovative in someways.
In my own opinion, I feel it will attract more investment in the country. Just a thought or suggestion.
What is your take on this notion Zambians?
Thanks a trillion
Belliah K Theise
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