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State House was a hive of activity as Zambia was celebrated African Freedom Day.


The atmosphere was fully cordial as Zambians and members of the diplomatic corp. from across the spectrum were present for the celebrations.


After the President laid a wrath at the Freedom Statue he hosted a banquet with invited guests there and many in attendance are pictographically presented with this post.


Despite the fact that this year’s program was rushed, it was very colorful according to present sources.


[kk.JPG]It is believed that the celebrations were shortened because the President was Japan bound as he was leaving soon after where he was expected for the Tokyo, International Conference on Africa’s Development (TICAD).


Entertainment was provided for by various sources and the Zambia National Service dancers where the epitome of it all …


When the Zambia Defense Forces Band started playing, former first President Kaunda was enthused and run to the dancing floor to put in his 2 cents worth …


His dance was entertaining and breath taking considering the guy is now 84 years old, what an ecstatic moment it was as others joined in


[11.JPG]Former Vice President Nevers Mumba and his wife Florence were also in attendance as they enjoyed the moment …


Great Kalu, the new FAZ chief shared a light moment with former Vice President Nevers Mumba and Inspector General of police Ephraim Mateyo …




This is what it used to be, we were really “One Zambia One Nation” and the Zambian Chronicle would like to encourage this spirit within the Zambian Enterprise because Zambia is greater than any single one of us … thanks a trillion.


All pictures courtesy of the picturemonger.



Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle


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