By political Analyst:

Hillary Clinton keeps bringing up her husband’s campaign in 1992 as a reason for her to stay in the race and for once she’s right in her analogy. The only thing is she got her role mixed up. Her rival, Barack Obama, is Bill Clinton in this scenario and she’s taken on the role of Jerry Brown.

Brown was behind Bill Clinton in the delegate count but kept running. The Clinton campaign tried to push him out. A New York Times article quotes then Clinton strategist, George Stephanopoulos:

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George Stephanopoulos, who was then a top aide to Mr. Clinton, declared that it was ‘mathematically impossible for Brown to get the nomination’ — the start of a campaign to declare Mr. Clinton the presumed nominee, even as several other major primaries loomed.”»

So when the Clinton campaign claims they’ve never seen such a push for a candidate to get out of the race, they are lying. They actually did it in 1992 and they would have done if again in 2008 if Obama wasn’t kicking her ass. Conclusion: don’t fall for their crap anymore. Let them whine.

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