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By Belliah K Theise
 Zambian Proverbs and Values By Mr Brains and Bilia
As always, I am always trying to understand the world , different cultures and values. What I realized was Mr Brains and I are not sharing what Zambian culture  and values are. I decided to bring up this so we can discuss some of the Zambian proverbs and values that the world would call wisdom.
This follows the questions I have received from my readers when I posted the article with the heading called ” WISDOM CAME FROM THE HILL INTO THE MOUNTAINS’. ( Amano yafumine Mwifwesa yaya Muchulu)
So I will leave this Open. Mr Brainwave will help me in translating some of the proverbs.
Language: Bemba to be translated By Brainwave Mumba
  •    Ukupoka Icinsenda ku nkoko kunakilila- { English} Humble yourself when grabing a stick from a rooster.                                                                    
  •  Munshebwa aile  namashinsha kubuko                                                                                                                        
  • Cumbu    Munshololwa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Uwakwensha ubushuku bamutasha elyo bwacha
  • Amano Mambulwa


Zambian Culture Vs American Culture

Zambian Values and Culture

  1. Looking straight in the eyes is seen as rude and stubborn.
  2.  fat is a compliment and slim is an insult.
  3. Getting on  the knees or bending your knee when greeting or handing something to an adult is a sign of respect.
  4.  looking down or somewhere when one is talking is a sign of humbleness.
  5. Discussing toilet or passing air loud or saying I am going  potty is  taboo in front of parent or adult and not acceptable.

American  Value and culture

  1. looking straight straight in the eyes is a sign of telling the truth and honest.
  2. Fat is a big insult and slim is a compliment.
  3. standing upright is a sign of respect and humbleness
  4. looking down or somewhere else is a sign of lie and dishonest, a sign that you are not listening or not telling the truth.
  5. Discussing potty on the dinner table is normal, and acceptable,  fathers and mothers can pass air loud as they wish in front of their kids.