Zambians at their best

The WILD entry dance at a Zambian Wedding reception, with a bridal party comprised of 11 Zambians and 1 American, dancing to Congolese rumba music…

Below is Zambia tradition marriage ceremony (matebeto) Usually done when the groom pays the bridal price, way before the wedding . This is a sign of welcoming him in a bridal’s family. Watch below. it is short but I think you can get the idea.

This is the song:

Kasambe abalume we chinangwa (  go bath your husband you fool) women sing while they wash the groom’s feet and hands. No wonder Zambian men feel like kings.


A wedding in the village or country side is celebrated like below. So cute. In Zambia every one is happy when it comes to celebrations, regardless the location . In the village ( country side) Zambian Village wedding attendies dancing, I am sure the groom and Bride are inside the hut. Our cute. I like the woman dancing with the baby on her back.


If you have never seen a mix dance in a wedding, I think below are the best.

Best Wedding 1st Dance EVER ~ fun ending !! American Weddings next 3

The Funniest Wedding Dance! You definitely want to see this

This is halarious

Nigerian wedding

Zimbambwe wedding

All by herself so sad.

I think Priscica the bride is full of life and fun to watch may be from Senegal or Congo

below looks Jamaican not sure though

SouthAfrican I think

No idea, I think Latino

Surprise Wedding Dance – Janet / Michael Jackson