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Three or four years ago, I started advocating for the creation of the new Zambia Airways using classic punditry then on Zambia Online. One of the biggest questions from the forum was, why? 


My answer was simple, “… Because We Can!!!” I received very shocking explanations as to the reasons we could not! In retrospect, I sometimes think Senator Barack Obama D-IL read those arguments on Zambia Online when I insisted – we could … 


Even after detailing a constructive operations plan – on how we would operationalize this, financial plan – on how we would finance the project using debt financing by issuing bonds, a marketing plan on how we would market and price our product(s) breaking even and or making a profit flying at just half the capacity, I still faced opposition. 


Some called the plan flawed without explaining how, some just wanted to shot a brilliant idea down because they were not originators, some wanted to sound logical and when their logic was confronted they phased off, while some were simply skeptical and really believed we could not … 


Not long after my plan circulated, Zambian Airways started an expansion program mimicking almost all my proposals to the “T”, flight arrangements and plans were modeled after my plan and thanks to Zambia Online, we had “airline experts” like Ngenda indirectly backing my plan and implementing it at his airline. 


Today Zambian Airways is growing in leaps and bounds; even if they are not the originators of my initial plan, I see traces of it there with much room for improvement.


I am not writing this to bring accolades to myself but I am reminded of how the Obama Campaign in the US succeeded in getting the Democratic Party nomination on the message of “Yes We Can!!! 


I don’t care what you are going through right now, I don’t care what insurmountable pressure you are under right now, I don’t care what losses you are incurring in your enterprise or life right now, I don’t care what odds you are facing right now; with a “Can Do Attitude”, nothing is impossible … 


There are a lot of positives that emanate from a “Can Do Attitude”. Positive people are contiguous, they are fun to be around, they not only bring enough energy, they also help build synergy.Life comes at you from all angles and you have a fifty percent chance to succeed but the main determinant of your success depends on whether you see a glass half empty or half full. This does not mean that you go through life overly and foolishly optimistic without critical reasoning and analysis. 


One of the core principles in decision science and problem solving is called data sufficiency. By having sufficient information, there is no single problem one can’t solve. At the same time, without enough or sufficient information (data) one can not make a logical decision. 


So, it goes without saying that should you have sufficient data, you owe it to yourself to face and solve any problems you are confronted with. On the other hand, in the face of data insufficiency, it would be foolish to continue trying to problem solve. 


However, most times we actually have sufficient information but we choose to abort the process sometimes due to intellectual laziness and at other times because we don’t hang in there long enough … 


Life Is A Serious Enterprise, I usually say … it behooves each one of us to have a “Can Do Attitude” because with it you are halfway home and without it you are stranded. 


Unfortunately, data sufficiency sometimes comes in terms of what government makes available to the general public through proper legislation. The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are smart enough and we at the Zambian Chronicle believe in them. 


What is your biggest challenge this week? Is it that you do not have enough data to solve your problems or is it that you are simply being intellectually lazy and do not want to face up? With a “Can Do Attitude”, nothing is impossible with you when you believe … 


Live Long & Prosper and that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion. 


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle


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