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Zambia is host to 113,000 refugees out of over two million refugees in Africa.

This is according to the report presented to 13th Session of the Executive Council of the African Union.

The Report on the situation of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons in Africa was submitted to the session in Sharm-El-Shaeikh in Egypt.

It noted that the refugees population in Zambia had slightly gone down from 115,000 in January this year to 113,00 in June this year.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande is attending the two-day African Union Executive Council Session comprising Foreign Affairs Ministers in Africa.

The AU’s Executive Council Meeting will make recommendations which AU’s Head of State and Government Summit which opens Monday.

The report said most of the refugees in the country were in camps in Western, North-Western, Northern and Luapula provinces while the rest reside outside the camps.

It said most of the refugees were from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) while others were in Burundi, Rwanda and Somalia.

Source: ZNBC