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No one really knows who wrote the lyrics to the song “I’ve Got the Power” but it was popularized by C&C Music Factory. The song is so voguish that it is in most movies and other ultra-vires theatrical settings.


As amusing and implausible as this may sound each one of us … “Got the Power”. The only power others have over us is only the one we of our own volition give to them, I have always said.


Your boss, your spouse, your parliamentarian, your congressman or woman, your senator and yes your president only has power given to them as a mandate through either your vote or otherwise. So, what is power? And what kind(s) of power(s) is/are there? Where does the full potency of power culminate? For a country the full potency culminate in the presidency or premiership for elected office and in a monarchy or oligarchy, otherwise. For an enterprise, full potency culminates in the executive officer.


Power is the ability to exert influence … it multiplies the incumbent’s ability to effectively perform. Whether it is referent power – based on personality and charisma, expert power – due to skills, abilities, knowledge or experience, position power – derived from a position one holds or coercive power – dependent on fear of repercussions; it all culminates in the executive, private or public.


As a business consultant and accountant, one of the major business structures l look for in an organization is its power structure even before considering operational structures – in fact substantive analysis has a lot to do with power structure analysis pursuit to fraud detection before a thorough audit could be conducted for any going concern.


Power brokers have the ability to build an enterprise, they have the ability to conceal its operations and they have the ability to destroy it. Corporations around the world spend billions of dollars training their top echelons on their ability to handle power.


Power is best handled by those who have experienced power before but it has different levels and leagues. Just because one can handle it in one league does not mean one can automatically handle it in another.


One of the greatest disasters in the history of the Zambian Enterprise occurred when we elected FTJ, he was mandated alright but he had no capacity to handle power at that level and the rest is now history.


No one can deny that FTJ had referent power that produced high powered charisma but he seriously lacked expert power from which skills, abilities, knowledge or experience are derived thus ending up being a calamity to the extent of revealing epitomes of national security such as tunnels at State House.


While he held position power, he lacked coercive power; consequently the quintessence of his presidency ended with him wanting more power (third term) instead of giving it away.


His third term bid almost disjointed his party the MMD, to the extent of creating offshoots such as Christon Tembo’s FDD, Ben Mwila’s ZRP, Michael Sata’s PF, Godffrey Miyanda’s HP, just to mention a few.


Because FTJ could not empower others properly then, he lacks power today – a sharp contrast with his predecessor. KK handed over power even when he constitutionally could have said, no thanks a trillion …


KK read the nation’s mood and knew it was time to hand over showing great leadership qualities by choosing peace over power, FTJ did not and pushed his luck; he broke his party apart and when he came back to his senses, no amount of damage control could work for him.


Each one of us is the embodiment of power and we only give it to whoever we choose to … We Got the Power!!! We are all in the empowering business; empower your business, empower your employees, empower your spouse, empower your children, empower your boss and you will be empowered in return.


Power works in circles, that which you empower will ultimately empower you in return; you got the power … Since power is derived from those around us, the more of it we give away the more of it we get back. You can easily empower yourself by simply empowering others.


Unfortunately, not every one can handle power. Your ability to empower is therefore sacred because when power is in wrong hands, some of its repercussions are irreversible and the quash is true when it is in the right hands. Empower wisely, people …


Power in right hands can do a whole lot of good and power in the wrong hands could be catastrophic – power is a two-edged sword. If one can’t handle power withdraw it without hesitation, your actions would be for the common good.


When power is in the right hands, there is justice, harmony, tranquility, peace, synergy and prosperity for all; everybody talks about ubuyantanshi but when it is in the wrong hands every body is discombobulated.


“Bane twikatane, tubombeshe, tutwale ichalo cesu pantanshi, development, development,development and more national development – everyone talks development and nothing but!!!”


For some though, it is not that they can’t just handle power but that they have some growing to do before they can handle it at a higher level. The remedy to such is not to withold totally but to give it to them incrementally otherwise they would self-destruct … you have to grow them, so to speak.


Because Zambia is greater than any single one of us, next time we go to the polls to elect our next CEO, all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise need only to remember one thing … We Got the Power!!!


A lot of struggles in life have to do with power struggles, I personally do not struggle with anything or anyone in my life and when I see struggle, I shun it, shut it down and move away …


I know what kind of material I am made of and I have also learnt over the years that there is a lot of winning in losing most times … I’ve Got the Power!!!


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion. 


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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