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By Michael Malakata

The Zambian government has bowed to pressure from computer experts to present an ICT bill in parliament that will establish, enforce and regulate codes of conduct and professional standards for the country’s ICT sector.

The Computer Society of Zambia drafted and presented the bill to the Zambian government for approval last year, but the government has been dragging its feet in presenting the bill to parliament for approval, raising fears that it was not interested in the bill.

“The ministry of Communications and Transport will ensure that the bill [is] passed so that problems in the telecommunication sector are tackled and accelerate ICT development across the country,” Minister of Communications and Transport Dora Siliya now assured.

If the bill is approved, it will lead to the establishment of an IT registration board to oversee the activities of the IT sector in Zambia. The bill will also give powers to the Computer Society of Zambia to provide registration for IT professionals and to handle complaints of misconduct from customers and companies.

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