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Our worst fears have finally befallen us, the US State Department gave and they have taken away. Ambassador Carmen M Martinez will be leaving Lusaka for her new assignment this Tuesday and will no longer be representing the interests Zambian Enterprise to the powers that be in Washington.


In just about two and half years, Ambassador Martinez has done what many have failed to accomplish in longer tenures.


I am proud that we at the Zambian Chronicle were the first to rings the right bells about her accomplishments before the rest of the world started to notice.


Over a year ago, we wrote the article below crowning Ambassador Martinez as the best ever and before long, the article was read around the world.


It actually became one of the top 10 read articles on Zambian Chronicle with as many feeds from the US State Department, Wall Street Journal, London Financial Times, political forums, internet blogs and others.


Best Ever US Ambassador To Zambia – Carmen M Martinez


Zambian Chronicle’s 10 Most Read Articles


What is nostalgic though is that our worst fears of her being promoted and assigned to other projects have come to pass at a time when the Zambian Enterprise needed her most. Some people have a way of changing their environment and Ambassador Martinez has that.


She is such a captivating individual with the ability to change moods around her. Those who worked for her at the American Embassy in Lusaka would be the first to agree. But what is more profound about her is the way she actually viewed the Enterprise and its people and here below are some of her farewell comments …


"I think Zambia is making great progress and is getting a lot of attention internationally for the role it’s taking, speaking out on many issues; human rights, gender issues and many other areas."


“As I said, we love cooperating with Zambia but it will be a proud day for us when we are no longer in the business of assistance but we are in business with Zambia. That is when you will be able to take your rightful role on the world stage,”


“I really believe that the key to this country is economic development. You have a nation blessed immensely with incredible natural resources with smart, capable, hardworking people and I just would like to see Zambia a little bit proud. Zambia number one! Zambia could do it! I think everybody in this country put together, you could do this,”


“I hope that people will not become discouraged during periods of setbacks. This is a stable nation with processes and institutions in place that can continue to keep you continuing along the road to progress.”


“Zambia is a leader and you should be proud of yourselves. It’s like, Zambia go for it! Zambia number one! Thank you!”


From her comments above, she sees potential that not many of our own people within the Zambian Enterprise see. One can tell she believes in Zambia more than we ourselves do. You can tell she is proud of the Enterprise and that is at the core of why she accomplished so much within the shortest possible time.


We were the first to acknowledge her and we will be the first to thank her for tremendous strides others just dreamed of. We wish Ambassador Carmen M Martinez all the best in all her endeavors; her shoes at the Embassy will forever be unique both in perceptive and temperament …


Carmen, you will forever be missed. Thank you for all you did for Zambia, some visible and a lot more actually invisible; for us at the Zambian Chronicle, gratitude confirms relationship …


So long, our dearest of all ambassadors, wishing you God’s Speed and a happy life ahead. If any body deserves it, its you and thats the more reason we dedicated this week’s memo to you.


Every friend of the Zambian Enterprise remains a friend forever, please come back to visit in your private capacity some day and have some fun; farewell …


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion. 


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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