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The Chipolopolo Boys will camp in Germany for 10 days ahead of their decisive group 11 2010 World Cup/Nations Cup qualifying encounter against the Hawks of Togo on September 11 in Chillilabombwe.
At a press briefing at the government house of Zambia, sports minister Gabriel Namulambe and German Ambassador Irene Hinrichsen announced that the Zambian team would camp in the European country which would be sponsored by Germany at a cost of 20,000 Euros.

Namulambe added that the trip was a product of series of discussions between himself and the German Ambassador. He also pointed out that the Zambian government would be responsible for the airfare for the delegation.

“It’s just that we can’t express it by dancing but we are so excited and gratified by the gesture by your government to the Zambian people. On behalf of Government, I would like to thank you very much,” Namulambe said

He expressed his profound gratitude to the German government, while urging the Zambian team to return the kind gesture of the Germans by defeating the Togolese national team when they come visiting in September.

Zambia are atop group 11 but have played a game more than the other two members of the three-team group. Any result against Togo other than a victory would do their World Cup/Nations Cup aspirations serious damage.

Awenlimobor Sylvester,