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Webfetti.comA few months ago, I sent an email to two (male and female) of my favorite contributors here at the Zambian Chronicle and they both responded with accolades.


What was funny though was that the lady made a move on the guy and wanted them to hook up somewhere in England …


I laughed so hard and it was a joy to see two people wanting to hook up and it reminded me of those days of young love, romance and dating – some of us maybe getting old for that; I said to myself and beside are married. I then said, hey … I can at least cash in on this …I tried to analyze the two individuals be the best way I could since I actually do not know them personally and I discovered that they were both highly energetic individuals with creative reasoning.


One could see this in every of their comments. They must have been attracted to each other purely based on their smarts. They both seemed eager to contribute to the well-being of not only the Zambian Enterprise but the goodwill of mankind as a whole.


So, I came up with the idea of smart people dating smart and was born. iSmartdate™, Inc. will be the next generation dating site for individuals around the world. We will rival other sites such as and


Like everything else we do at Microplus Holdings International, Inc., we will endeavor be the best there is out there. We will hire the best Clinical Psychologist money can find as our CEO and within the next 5 years generate more revenues than any other dating site in history.


We are scheduled to launch early next year just before Valentines Day. Like the Zambian Chronicle which is read in many languages, will also have different versions depending on what our market surveys around the world say would generate the best bang for the buck.


We will get permission from Haddaway so we can use his song (What is love, baby don’t hurt me no more) as the theme song for our flash presentations on the site. iSmartdate™, Inc. will be a subscription only site with details to follow later but all Zambian Chronicles patrons will be given a promotion code for discounts and access …


More details to follow later, Live Long & Prosper … thanks a trillion.


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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