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I had just turned twelve (12) and my dad took me to a secret place on top of one of our surrounding mountains near our suburb I grew up in. I was wondering what we were going to be talking about because he was overly quiet on the way there.


We got to the secret place on the mountain top and the silence was broken by “Let’s talk about sex, Son”. For a second I acted like I did not hear him well enough but I could see the seriousness in his eyes that I could tell he was dead serious about the topic.


My dad never dealt in trivialities most times at all and I knew this too was staid going by the silence on the way to the mountain top. Well, you ought to know my dad to understand his gravitas; you also needed to know his background to understand his graphical illustrations.


As some of you already know, he was training to be a neural surgeon when I was born thus my crazy first name Brainwave. So, when it comes to physiology and anatomy, he is inextricably not short on words.


I heard an earful by the time we were done, how that sex was very good and that my body was developing starting then going through puberty to prepare me for the tasks ahead in life. He explained how potent sex was and that it was only be used in a controlled environment to be fully enjoyed.


His analogies ranged from examples like how nuclear energy destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it was also very useful in a controlled environment for the benefit of all mankind. I guess dad did the right thing, all his children turned out okay …


Later on one of my siblings was narrating a similar ordeal he had gone through with dad when he turned twelve and when he (this brother) wanted to be apprehensive, he was told those same details had been shared with three of his elder brothers already.


I have three great kids of my own now and each one of them gets an earful when it comes to understanding the importance of sex and how to use it in a controlled environment just like I did; thanks a trillion, Dad.


Following our pronouncement here last week about and our new enterprise iSmartdate™, Inc. which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of our holding company, Microplus Holdings International, Inc. a lot of comments have been aired about the memo Coming Soon: Best Dating Site – ….


I would like to be the first to say that the response has been phenomenal compared to other articles. In fact, the above memo is the second most read of all memos we have written; the first being the Power is best handled by those who have experienced it before; But we all “Got the Power” …


Why am I recounting dad’s strengths as he tried to face what was considered taboo by many then? Because some of the apprehensions in the comments are built on falsities and have to be addressed. Belliah and others have tried to explain the importance of the site in terms of purely helping individuals as a match maker site.


The opposition has used sex and the scourge of HIV/AIDS as an alibi in this case even though there is no connection between the two. This is called straw man’s fallacy. There are several Christian dating sites on the internet that don’t promote promiscuity at all and ours will not as well.


We are simply a commercial enterprise that will meet a specific need that has not been addressed in our society for a long time because of what is considered “taboo” – imagine what casualties dad would have had had he dwelt on taboos; one or more of the eight of us (his children) could have been an HIV/AIDS fatality.


The opposition is simply ignoring our actual position and substituting it with a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version. By taking our original argument and then offering a close imitation (or straw man) version of the original argument, our opposition finds it much easier to target, hit, and undermine our well intended commercial enterprise to be thereby giving the appearance of having successfully countered and or overcome and or answered our antithesis.


I am sorry but we will proceed accordingly. Promiscuity is a derivative on one’s character. One of our memos “Talent Will Always Take You To The Top But Only Character Keeps You There …” addresses issues of character in detail and there is no need to recount them again.


Even as married men, some of us have had opportunities to be unfaithful in work environment(s) or with just close friends and associates but have never cheated, not once all my years of being a married man. Those many years of being married will soon be approaching two decades. Character, character, character …


In closing, dating is not about sex, it is about a vetting process of who one’s potential spouse may be; it is about eventual marriage or eventually breaking up before making life-long commitments one may not eventually hold true …


What a noble and honorable enterprise, iSmartdate™, Inc. doing business as (DBA) will be in helping individuals with such a serious undertaking called marriage and or breaking up before its too late, not only within the Zambian Enterprise but around the world as well.


Imagine how many future headaches iSmartdate™, Inc. doing business as (DBA) will eliminate in the process, imagine how many happy families it will help generate using our compatibility profiles …


There is no nobler cause for us at Microplus Holdings International, Inc. at this juncture than setting up and launching iSmartdate™, Inc. doing business as (DBA)  


We will soon be advertising upcoming positions and our first 2,000 subscribers will join for free so if you are single, divorced and missing stay tuned …


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.