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Lusaka, Zambia – The Zambian government ear ned over 2.1 trillion kwacha from the tourism industry between 2005 and 2007, deputy Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, Todd Chilembo, disclosed here Friday. (US$ 1 = K3, 3 00).

The country raised a total of K654 billion in 2005, K636 billion in 2006 and K83 9 billion last year, bringing the total revenue to K2,129,815,850,000 over the three-year period, state-run Zambia Daily Mail quoted Chilembo as saying.

Chilembo also said over the same period, government spent K167,940,026 on advertising the country’s tourism potential through magazines and billboards in Europe and America.

However, the country did not raise any funds on advertising the tourism potential in magazines and billboards in America in 2006 and nothing was raised from the same venture in both Europe and America last year.

Chilembo said in 2005, Zambia earned more funds from South Africa than from any other country in southern Africa. There was no revenue from the DR Congo, Tanzania and Zimbabwe over the same year.
Lusaka – 08/08/2008