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Cambridge University psychologist once took a survey. They wanted to collect data for nations under the British Commonwealth around the world on each continent and see which nationals had the highest IQ per region.


They took samples of test results they had prepared using “Special Papers” from 1963 to 1983.  Anyone who went through the Cambridge examination system knows that for one to qualify from Grade 7 to Form 1 or Grade 8 needed to seat for Special Paper 1 and Special Paper 2 exams apart from regular subjects.


The Special Papers were not part of the regular syllabus but one had to pass both to qualify and these papers were designed to test the IQ of students and they also helped secondary school registrars in knowing which classes new entrants would be best suited for based on their passing criteria.


I read the results of that survey at the British Council in Lusaka in 1984 – I liked going to their library during school holidays. I was not shocked to discover that, Zambians did not only score high but they actually were on top for Africa, India was top for Middle and Far East Asia and Bahamas was top for the Caribbean’s and so on.


The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise had such a high IQ per capita of any nation in Africa based on those findings and it is no wonder we refer to them here at the Zambian Chronicle as “Smart” all the time. It is no conjecture that people who try to fool us can not succeed all the time; they may some time but not all the time.


It is no marvel that the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have been trailblazers when it comes to being the first on many fronts not just at home but around the world. I have never seen a Zambian at the bottom of their class even as foreign students around the world.


When they are hired in foreign lands, they rise faster to managerial positions compared to others of African decent. They make better employees overall and they tend to hold their positions longer than average in most cases.


At home and abroad the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have always shown leadership in times of crisis because they don’t usually sugar play issues, they call a spade what it is. They are usually loyal and can easily be counted on …


The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are so peaceful, their peacefulness is sometimes mistaken for docility, and they are so hospitable their kindness is usually taken for granted; they are so meek their meekness is misunderstood for weakness.


They are so innovative and it is amazing what they usually come up with. Their analytical skills are out of this world – sometimes leading to paralysis of analysis, while their problem solving skills are more than phenominal.


Now that the vetting process for the next CEO of the Zambian Enterprise has began, we are confident the smarts will come up with the best choice to carry on the duties of the Enterprise for many are they that remain. 


For this reason we have opened up a new page Zambia Votes’ 08 where just debates about the next elections will be conducted. It will be a forum for all who wish to air their views on who the next president ought to be and why their choice makes sense.  


Out of respect for the first family, we wanted to wait until the Late President had been put to rest but we have taken a paradigm from his own political party which will be announcing their pick for the presidency come September 5th and we did so that equal time would to be accorded to others in the same vein.


The page is not restricted to one political party but all; the excogitations will also embrace all. I will post my comments there not in my capacity CEO & President of Zambian Chronicle but as a Zambian citizen free to air my personal views in my private capacity – because Zambia is greater than any single one of us. 


We have no doubts that the smart people of the Enterprise will come up with the best choice because they are smart to start with. We don’t even see it fit to make suggestions at this point, they are smart enough to float the names at Zambia Votes’ 08 of whomever they see fit. 


We trust their judgment and we have a track record to prove that with and as the days approach for all of us to do our civic duty in choosing the next president, we are happy Zambia Votes’ 08 will be a great place to discuss from …


Please join in as the smarts from around the world gather at this “Insaka” to meet, lock horns and discuss the merits of who they think would be the best for the best of the best …  


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.