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LUSAKA, Aug. 26(Xinhua) — The Zambian government will establish farming blocks in all districts by 2010, Times of Zambia reported on Tuesday.

    Agriculture and Cooperatives Deputy Minister Albert Mulonga was quoted as saying that inadequate funding had delayed the program that is aimed at promoting crop diversification and enhancing output from the agriculture sector.

    Mulonga said there is need to encourage crop diversification in order for the country to realize full growth in the agriculture sector. He explained that currently there are less than 10 farming blocks in the country.

    Mulonga also stressed the need for farmers to develop canals in areas where there are natural water bodies like rivers and streams for the purpose of sustaining agriculture during the dry season.

    He urged farmers to seriously diversify crops instead of relying heavily on maize, adding that diversification is vital to the performance of the agriculture sector.

Editor: Wang Hongjiang