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We are at cross-roads and as much as there are a lot of other issues to discuss, we are trussed by commonalities that fate has brought us. We have to come up with the next CEO of the Zambian Enterprise in less than 90 days following the premature death of Levy – MHSRIP.


Democracy is like free enterprise, as social Darwinism is to society so is democracy to political morality. It is important that the next president be connected with the best Zambian brains, not only from within but also from without.


One of the beauties and the tenets of democracy lies in its ability to bring out the best within a collective. All things being equal, the best within a system tend to rise up. Zambia’s greatest asset does not lie in the mineral wealth that lay beneath our land.


That asset is not endowed in any other form of congeniality Zambians are well-known for either, rather it lies in the kind of posterity we envision for ourselves using the best brains available now. Some of the world’s greatest leaders and savvy entrepreneurs have achieved great success by simply hiring the best of the best from the best.


Think tank organizations around the world, within countries and communities have been known to be great sources of objective information necessary to govern and help create problem solving modules that are scientific in nature thereby producing the optimal good.


We at the Zambian Chronicle have long identified the need for the next President to tap into these brains and will soon be creating a new “Think Tank” called brainstorm. Out of our current 500 contacts in our free subscription files, about 150 of you hold Master’s degree and or PhDs.


In fact, if you recently received an email from us entitled “Yours is one of the best brains Zambia has ever produced”; it is because you are one of the 150 we have identified as such so far. Our “brainstorm” think tank is a precursor to more reliable and credible sources of information so direfully needed to bring ourselves up from down under.


We will advocate and promulgate for ways and or means so Zambians can control factors of production thereby generating real wealth in this 21st century global economy. We will weigh in on serious government decisions prior to enactment and or undertaking in similar mode other think tanks such as the Brookings Institution, Tellus Institute, Heritage Foundation, Strategic Foresight Group, Cato Institute, Centre for Policy Research, and Observer Research Foundation do outlining both merits and demerits to the said policy.


It is crucial that we get started now and while we realize the next president will really be in a care-taker position until the next general elections, we also realize that now is our time. Brilliant Zambian brains have been ignored at our own peril. They keep enhancing GNPs for foreign nations immensely while our only benefit is from remittances when more can be achieved.


We believe that part of our job is highlighting Zambian potential as we have done in past in articles such as Zambians Abroad – A Strategic Economic Engine For The Zambian Enterprise …, Easy Steps For Zambians Abroad To Buy & Sell Stock @ LuSE, 5 Things The Zambian Enterprise Ought To Achieve In 2008 …, Zambians are smart, Cambridge University pyschologists once proved that …, National Development Corner: Barj Dubai – World’s Tallest Building Is Now In Dubai …


Because Zambia is greater than any single one of us, we believe that enough is enough when it comes to depravity and now is our time to take back the enterprise using Zambian bred ideas that have already been proven and are actually currently working in the global market place …


We therefore believe that “brainstorm” is the best way forward and we will be in consultation with some selected few on how best this will be implemented.


We are in this thing together …


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.