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Acting President Rupiah Banda has urged MMD members to base the campaign for the party’s victory in the October 30 presidential elections on truth and not falsehoods.

Addressing the crowd which welcomed him at Ndola International Airport yesterday, Mr Banda said he would not allow the use of lies because he was a smart politician and that lies should be left to some other politicians.

“Please do not tell lies, campaign, gently and humbly and I urge you all to tell the truth. As MMD we have enough projects and programmes which we have embarked on which will always act as proof of what we are capable of doing for the people of Zambia,” Mr Banda said.

He called on the MMD members to exercise perseverance and resilience like that exhibited by the members of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Mr Banda urged all the MMD members to unite and work tirelessly for the next one month in order to ensure that the party emerged victorious during the presidential election.

“When you start campaigning, go door to door and when they chase you do not fight but go back and make sure that all Zambians know the truth about what we have done and what we are capable of doing as a party,” he said.

The acting president also appealed to all Zambians to continue working together and ensure that the country continued to enjoy peace during the campaign period.

He said the people of Zambia were eagerly waiting for the complete implementation of the vision 2030, which was among other things, aimed at uplifting their standards of living.

“The presidential election campaign should unite all Zambians in ensuring that the vision of President Mwanawasa is fully realised,” Mr Banda said.

He appealed to the MMD leadership to ensure that the party recorded a landslide victory in the forthcoming elections on the Copperbelt, a region that the late president Mwanawasa wanted to ensure that it was recaptured as an MMD stronghold.

He advised party members to ensure that there was no petty bickering and that everybody, who wished to contribute to the campaign process, was allowed to do so because the elections were crucial.

Speaking earlier, Youth,Sport and Child Development Minister, Gabriel Namulambe said the MMD was the party with the ability to continue with the implementation of the late president Mwanawasa’s vision.

He urged the people of Zambia to ensure that Dr Mwanawasa’s vision continued by supporting Mr Banda.

In his welcoming remarks MMD Copperbelt Province chairman, Joseph Chilambwe, encouraged the acting president to soldier on because the people were behind him.

Mr Chilambwe said Copperbelt residents were impressed with the MMD programmes, which were also now attractive to the opposition.

“Some opposition leaders who were publicly denouncing Chinese investors are now exhibiting a change of heart. They have now publicly come out in the open saying that they are ready to work with the Chinese investors in developing the nation,” Mr Chilambwe said.

Mr Banda, who was welcomed by provincial deputy permanent secretary, Christopher Mutembo, several Government and MMD officials promised to visit the Copperbelt soon on a campaign mission.

Mr Banda, who is also an ex-soccer administrator and ardent fan, was in the province to watch a football match between Zambia and Togo national teams in Chililabombwe yesterday.

The acting president is expected to travel back to Lusaka from the Copperbelt this morning.

Source: Times of Zambia (Ndola)