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LUSAKA, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) — The World Bank has observed that Zambia has made remarkable progress in the public sector reforms and doing business index, Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) reported on Friday.

    World Bank Country Representative Kapil Kapool disclosed that Zambia is now rated 100 out of 181 whose progress in the public reform programmes are being monitored, ZANIS said.

    Kapool said Zambia has now moved 16 steps from last year when it was rated 116 out of the 181 countries globally.

    Kapool attributed the improvement to the streamlining of the Patents and Companies Registration Office (PACRO) and the computerization of various institutions that facilitate businesses in the country.

    He noted that most institutions have improved and reduced their time of operations such as issuing of licenses and registration of companies despite their system of operations remaining the same.

    Kapool however said that there is need for Zambia to strive towards reducing the time and costs of exporting and importing goods into the country especially at border posts.

    He added that the delays in exporting and importing goods out and into the country impacts negatively on the competitiveness of both exporters and importers respectively.

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