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APA-Lusaka (Zambia) Rail operators have urged government to urgently introduce road toll gates in order to even the playing field in the transport sector.
In a joint statement after a meeting at the weekend, Rail Systems of Zambia (RSZ) and the Tanzania Zambia Rail Authority (TAZARA) said there is need to remove distortions in the country’s transport sector.
RSZ is the local railway operator that transports both goods and passengers while TAZARA is a joint venture between the governments of Zambia and Tanzania to transport both passengers and goods to the port of Dar-es-Salaam from landlocked Zambia.
The two have however complained that with the way things are at the moment, they are subsidising the maintenance of roads in the country through a government tax called fuel levy.
The fuel levy is a tax imposed on all buyers of petroleum products which is meant to cover roads maintenance.
However the two rail operators who are some of the biggest consumers of petroleum products, said they were contributing a huge chunk to roads maintenance which they did not use, at the expense of maintaining rail infrastructure.
Source: APA