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LUSAKA, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) — Zambia’s acting President, Rupiah Banda, has invited international election monitors to observe the country’s October 30 Presidential poll which he has assured will be free and fair, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

    Banda called for clean campaigns and urged the ruling MMD (the Movement for Multi-party Democracy) party officials to convince the electorate on why they want their candidate to be elected, the newspaper said.

    “We want a clean campaign based on issues and not engage in insulting one another. That is un-Zambian and undemocratic. If we campaign truthfully and fairly, we will have a result that will bring people together and build the country,” he was quoted.

    Banda discouraged MMD party officials involved in the campaigns against lies and insults, saying such campaigns will not yield any results for the party.

    He said he had sent out letters of invitation to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union, the European Union and other donor countries to send observers and show the outside world that Zambia had nothing to hide.

    Banda also thanked the people of Zambia for the effort they have made in maintaining their way of life to cherish democracy where leaders were chosen in an open and transparent manner, according to the daily.

    He urged Zambians to continue showing unity and great compassion just as they did when President Mwanawasa fell ill and subsequently died on August 19.

    Earlier, Northern province MMD chairperson Griever Sikasote and Northern Province minister, Lameck Chibombamilimo both assured Banda of support from the area in the forthcoming October 30 Presidential election.

    Chibombamilimo said the people of Northern Province were behind Banda and would ensure that he was elected as President on October30.

    Sikasote said the MMD in the province would work hard to ensure that Banda was elected as republican president.

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