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APA-Lusaka (Zambia) Students of the University of Zambia on Saturday reacted angrily to a government announcement that the institution will remain closed after it was shut down prematurely three months ago after a work stoppage by lecturers who were demanding higher pay.

The management initially indicated that the university would re-open in August, but with the death of President Levy Mwanawasa, the re-opening was put off in consideration of the national mourning period.

The university was scheduled to finally re-open next week, but management has now announced an indefinite closure and asked students not to come to the campus, at least until government resolves the financial crisis the university has been facing.

The university management also reiterated its commitment to increasing salaries for the lecturers, which was not in the institutions budgetary allocation for the year.

The university is funded by public funds and the government has been un-happy with the financial commitment hence the delay in releasing the funds for the new pay.

The students union however said on Saturday that it was irresponsible for both the university management and the government to fail to resolve the issue quickly so that students can resume their studies.