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 By Michael Malakata

The Zambian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last week with Argentina aimed at improving Zambia’s science and technology development.

Under the agreement, Argentina will facilitate Zambia’s human resource development in science and technology and technology transfer. Argentina will also offer financial assistance to Zambia in areas of science and technology development.

The agreement will focus on ICT development and the use of ICT in health service provision, explained Zambian Minister of Science and Technology Peter Daka at the signing of the MoU in Lusaka.

Zambia and Argentina will also establish a bilateral framework to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and collaboration on research and development, he added.

The agreement, Daka said, will further help ensure that Zambia’s scientific standards and practices meet international standards.

Argentina is more developed technologically than Zambia, according to Daka. Therefore, he said, the agreement will help Zambia rise to the level of science and technology development that Argentina has already attained, particularly in health care.

Zambia is currently installing tele-health facilities in major hospitals across the country that will be used by medical staff in health care delivery.