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By Times Reporter

Heritage Party (HP) president, Godfrey Miyanda has said he is a serious contender in the forthcoming presidential election and dismissed as malicious, allegations that he has been bought to split the votes.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix programme ‘Let the People Talk,’ Brigadier-General Miyanda said he was a man of integrity who had always spoken out against corruption and could not be bribed by anybody.

“My political career has been reasonably good and I am not here to spoil the elections because I am not one of those who can be paid or easily bribed,” Gen Miyanda said.

Gen Miyanda said it was “criminal” for opponents to say he had been bought to spoil the elections because that would disadvantage him as people would think he was not a serious contender.

He said he was the only politician who had the right qualifications for the president, having risen from the office of minister without portfolio to that of acting president.

He said he did not need to be an economic genius to develop Zambia because he understood the operations of the Government and would create conditions where the various technocrats would function if elected.

Gen Miyanda said if elected president, he would use the three-year period to 2011 as a transition from the ongoing programme of the MMD to his party’s village concept.

He said self-government, which starts with an individual, should be the starting point when trying to solve Zambia’s problems.

He said by the end of the three-year transition, Zambians would appreciate and embrace the village concept which is founded in the principles that were applied by the Zambian society.

“We are the only unique party with the village concept. The village is your life; a village is land and land is Zambia,” Gen Miyanda said.

He said the village concept was the only answer to the development of Zambia’s economic development, hence, the need to fully implement it if voted into power.

“A lot of people have been laughing at our concept but what should be noted is that it is the only answer to the development of Zambia. I can assure the nation that once this concept is fully implemented, Zambia will move forward,” he said.

Gen Miyanda said it was sometimes frustrating to lose an election even after articulating issues so well but he had decided to soldier on especially after noticing other people doing things wrongly when he had the solutions.

He said he was not a one-man band and opted to contest the elections after getting encouragement from Zambians across the country.

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