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It is Saturday morning; I am listening to news on the US economy and the bailout plan which just got approved by Congress. As I listened, I started grinding my teeth, just to hear how bad it sucks to be found in this bubble mess. To brighten my weekend, I decided to surf the Internet, and YouTube. I was so touched to see my home city on YouTube. So I could not resist sharing it. I was taken aback to reality and I felt like crying. As many of you might know, Brainwave and I grew up on the Copperbelt, in Kitwe actually. Coincidentally, we went to the same primary school, Miseshi; only I was years ahead of him.

I went to Ndeke Secondary School and he attended Chamboli Secondary School. Both of us did not know about this until we started working together at Zambian Chronicle. The more interesting and a good thing is we were both born in August; strong, assertive and intuitive personalities we are.


So I felt I should extend the joy of visiting my home town on YouTube to my friend, brother, colleague and business associate at Zambian Chronicle, Brainwave and indeed many other Kitweans around the globe. Looking at the videos reminds me of how much work we have ahead of us. In one of the weekly memos Brainwave once wrote, “… Zambia’s greatest asset does not lie in the mineral wealth that lay beneath our land. That asset is not endowed in any other form of congeniality Zambians are well-known for either, rather it lies in the kind of posterity we envision for ourselves using the best brains available now.”


In light of the above, last year we decided to start Miseshi Foundation for all who passed through our grade school. In this foundation the sitting Head Master shall be the Administrator and our first assignment is to build and furnish a state-of-art library with broadband speed connections to the internet.


We are inviting all former Miseshians to join us in this noble cause, we intend to have the “Library” up and running by 2,010 as we celebrate the first ever hosting of FIFA World Cup in Africa. After achieving this we will move on to do the same for both Ndeke and Chamboli Secondary Schools.


It is believed that there are between 500,000 to 1,200,000 highly capable Zambians around the world, all who attended some primary and secondary school in Zambia. We encourage each one of you to think about your roots.


If we all did just a little something for the communities we grew up in, if we all just remembered our humble beginnings, if we all became passionate about making sure we left our Zambia a better place than we found it, our land will never be the same.


As you prosper in your own rights, as your life gets better in it own rights; remember where it all started from, remember where you came from …


Be level-headed about it, no qualms about it, no whats and ifs about it; just not asking what your home town did for you but what you are going to do for your home town.


Rome was not built in a day, it was built one brick and mortar at a time, a little hand here another there, overall – our time is now.


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.


Belliah K Theise

COO & Managing Editor – Zambian Chronicle 


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