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By Michael Malakata , IDG News Service
The Communications Authority of Zambia (CAZ) and mobile service provider Zain Zambia are in a showdown over the regulator’s threat on Tuesday to invoke license clauses if mobile operators do not improve service within three months.

The CAZ has singled out Zain Zambia for providing poor service to customers, but Evans Muhanga, Zain Zambia’s marketing director, decried the threat of punitive action.

Read the latest WhitePaper – Frontline LAN Troubleshooting Guide “We are doing everything possible to improve the network,” Muhanga said Wednesday. “Additionally, we are establishing a new call center at our offices where network problems will be reported.”

Though CAZ acting CEO Richard Mwanza blasted local operators for a high levels of dropped calls, Muhanga said that the call drops sometimes experienced by Zain Zambia customers are up to international standards.

Zambia gov’t looks to crack down on poor mobile serviceView all related articlesIn addition to threats to terminate operating licenses, the authority is proposing a law that will require greater compensation from mobile operators that provide poor service.

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