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By Anthony Mulowa

ACTING President, Rupiah Banda, has said he is the best candidate for the position of Republican president as he will unify the people of Zambia and ensure that peace reigns in the country after the October 30, presidential by election.

Addressing a rally at Chongwe Basic School yesterday, Mr Banda assured the gathering that there would be peace after the by election and business would continue running as usual.

Mr Banda who is the MMD presidential candidate said he had vast political experience to run the country compared to his opponents.

He said of all the four leaders taking part in the race for Republican presidency, it was only him who had the support of all political parties not taking part in the presidential by-election.

He said even traditional leaders, including those in the Southern Province had endorsed his candidature, a sign that he was popular.

Mr Banda said he was receiving great support from the youth, students and the civil servants because they all knew his abilities.

The acting president said the MMD Government would build 88 high schools in Zambia between now and 2011.

He said the Government was in the process of drilling 300 boreholes in Chongwe district alone.

Mr Banda said the Government would also sink the same number of boreholes in Northern, Eastern, Luapula provinces and others areas where water supply to households was a problem.

The Government wanted to enhance food security in Zambia thereby reducing the price of fertiliser.

And Mr Banda said the ruling party was still popular in all the provinces the party had visited to conduct campaigns.

Mr Banda said it was likely that the MMD would get a bigger number of votes on the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces compared to what it got during the 2006 general elections.

He said it was for this reason that the opposition political parties were making excuses, as they knew that the MMD was enjoying good support countrywide.

“If you know you are strong, why make excuses of losing a boxing match?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Chieftainess Nkomeshya of the Soli people in Chongwe district has urged Mr Banda not to respond to insults and comments, which were meant to provoke him.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya urged Mr Banda to leave the whole electoral process to the people of Zambia who would decide during the October 30, elections.

She said this when the acting president called on her at her palace yesterday.

She said Mr Banda was in the race because president Mwanawasa had died and was contesting the elections to retain the presidency.

She said it was sad that some leaders wanted to take this opportunity to reap where they did not sow.

The chieftainess appealed to ministers not to waste time in reacting to issues that were not beneficial to the people of Zambia.

She said Zambia was well known for peace from time immemorial saying this peace should never be thrown away.

And speaking at the rally, Chongwe Member of Parliament, Sylvia Masebo, said the MMD Government had put up good polices which were bearing fruit in all the sectors of the economy.

Education Minister, Geoffrey Lungwangwa, said the Government had allocated K30 billion for the construction of four schools in Chongwe and that it was currently building 40 high schools through out Zambia.

United Liberal Party (ULP) president, Sakwiba Sikota, assured Mr Banda that he would get more votes in Livingstone where he was MP and Western Province where his party was popular.

Mr Sikota urged the people of Zambia to vote for Mr Banda who had the majority MP in parliament so that the country could move forward.

Others speakers at the rally were Agriculture Minister, Ben Kapita, Mr Banda’s campaign agent Benny Tetamashimba and MMD deputy national secretary, Jeff Kaande.

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