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APA-Lusaka (Zambia) The Zambian opposition Patriotic Front (PF) party has taken legal action against the country’s national broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), for refusing to air the party’s political advertisements, APA learnt here Tuesday.

Political parties have been using various means to reach voters and this has included placing advertisements in both the public and private electronic and print media.

The PF has been running several advertisements on ZNBC which has a wide coverage across the country.

PF president Michael Sata, however, alleged that the ZNBC has stopped airing his party’s advertisements which was unfair, considering that the organisation is a public broadcaster and obliged by law to give equal access to everyone.

A ZNBC spokesman denied the allegation and claimed that the PF advertisements had been suspended because the political party had not paid for the advertisements despite several reminders.

She said that following a part payment from the PF, the broadcaster would resume running the advertisements.

ZNBC has been criticised for what many have termed as bias in favour of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy party for both news coverage and running of political ads.

Another organisation called Anti Rigging Zambia has also sued the national broadcaster for biased coverage of news in favour of the MMD.
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