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By Timothy Sichela
UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) will compel private investors to pay Zambians well by awarding good salaries and conditions of service to public service workers, party president Hakainde Hichilema has said.

Mr Hichilema said at a public rally in Zambezi that teachers, nurses and police officers would receive a minimum of K3.5 million as monthly salaries to guarantee them a decent standard of living and encourage the private sector to do the same.

“When civil servants are paid well, the private sector will emulate – that’s how you run a country using brains and not your feet – when you vote for us we will bring back on your table food taken away from you,” he said.

He urged people to vote for a youthful candidate with an alert mind and new ideas on how to drive Zambia forward.

“Let’s vote for the best president for Zambia, you cannot vote for a president because he’s ‘bashikulu’ (grandfather) because you cannot eat bashikulu; vote for one who will bring development,” he said.

Telling the people that the Copperbelt had already endorsed him, he said grandparents should not be given a chance in this month’s presidential election.

Mr Hichilema said his party was serious and would attach a sense of business urgency to the tarring of the Mutanda-Chavuma Road once elected.

Mr Hichilema said one group would continue working on M8 Road from Mufumbwe while another would start from Chavuma.

“We want to bring development to Zambezi and North-Western. We want towork like serious businessmen on the tarring of Mutanda-Chavuma Road,” Mr Hichilema said at the start of his campaign tour of the province.

He said once elected Zambia’s president, a bridge would be constructed in Zambezi to link east and west banks of Zambezi River and another at Watopa on Kabompo River to link Kabompo and Lukulu in Western Province.

And the UPND president promised to generate hydro power from Chavuma Falls to districts like Zambezi, Kabompo and Chavuma using diesel generators.

The Zambezi crowd included senior citizens like former diplomat and minister, Rodger Sakuhuka and former district commissioner, Willie Manjomba, whom Mr Hichilema singled out as having served Zambia faithfully.

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