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Ever made new years’ resolutions and two months down the road totally lost focus? Ever been in a meeting and everyone is making promises concerning their to-do list only to discover it’s all talk and no show?


Why is that others always seem to be in the fore front accomplishing whatever they set their minds to while others seem to be in merry –go-rounds for ends out. Ever been with people with a nice talk properly excogitating policy, operations and or strategy and you wonder why they are still Mr. and or Mrs. Nobody considering their purported grip(s) on details?


Ever wondered why some companies come in with a bang but within a short period of time they evaporate in thin air? They usually evaporate not because they did not have good people, their operations were whacky or they lacked strategy at all, in fact to the contrary …


They are usually founded on the best premises and assumptions possible, they are helmed from the best stock possible and they are surrounded by the best brains possible until those brains find out they have no capacity to execute.


Most organizations are made or broken because of the power of execution. Execution is the reason good strategies get proven to be true, execution is the only reason good people get to prove what kind of material they are made of.


It matters less how powerful or well thought out the strategy is, it matters less how experienced and capable the human resource is, it matters less how air-tight your operations are; without the power to execute, one’s life, one’s dreams, a corporation’s goals and even a nation’s aspirations are brought to bare with no success at all.


Success is therefore a derivative of one’s ability to take a good strategy, using the necessary brain power and skill sets then operationalized into execution. While the power of execution requires high modules in human development, any one with a focused mind living in realism has the capacity to execute.


Please note that the underlying premise is realism. Most people live their lives in lies, they lie to themselves about who they are, so when they talk about strategies, operations and skill set(s) necessary to accomplish the required task(s), they are simply not real, they are nothing but copy-cuts.


Just because they heard someone else accomplish the said task, they think they are good for it but within the shortest possible time they discover they don’t have what it takes to get the job and or tasks done but instead of questioning themselves how they can achieve, what skills they need to develop, they simply jump on to the next assignment because they are allergic to the truth.


Cracks in operations, strategy and peoples’ ability to execute are a result of not facing up to the truth and or realism. You can’t afford to live a lie your whole life, you can’t afford to live a half truth your whole life because nothing else would save you other than the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.


Realism helps you look at your self, your organization, your strategy and operations with the right frame of mind. Isn’t it Socrates the ancient Greek Philosopher who said, “… know thyself?” In today’s linguistic relativism Socrates would have simply said “… be real”.


Now, the truth is not always palatable but it is the center piece. Don’t they usually tell us that truth hurts? But instead of looking for other forms of prognoses, take the right dose; pursue the truth. Question your motives and find out what really makes you tick because therein lies your power of execution.


The power to execute is sucked out in a vacuum of realism. You can’t fake it forever, you either got it or you don’t. All successful people I know have the ability to execute and all of them are true to themselves; they are real both to themselves and those around them.


Do yourself a favor, look yourself in the mirror today and point a figure at yourself and say to the person you see in there that whatever his/her mind sets itself to he/she can achieve, whatever operations, strategies and skill sets needed he/she can acquire.


Take time to take stock of your truth meter, 99.99% of the time the only person standing in your way is yourself due to lack of realism. Your strategies are great, your operations are noble and there are enough people of goodwill around you to help you achieve your dreams but know thyself first …



Life is a serious enterprise, it requires your power of execution; great strategies, seamless operations and best skill sets tend to be lost with one’s inability to execute.


So whether it’s in your business, your organization, or public affairs enterprise, you would never feel empowered with lack of execution, therefore, know thyself …


Remember success is a derivative of one’s ability to take a good strategy, using the necessary brain power and skill sets then operationalized into execution using realism, lie not to thyself …


All the positive thinking stuff, all the quantum leap keys to success and all the material(s) thus acquired won’t cut it without you acquiring and developing your own power to execute.


When you master the power of execution, you master the power and or discipline to get anything, everything and all things done …


Anybody can come up with great strategies, anybody can set up impeacable operations and anybody can have a brilliant brain but only those with the power of execution have something to show for.


Live Long & Prosper; that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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