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The voter turn out has slowed down in most polling stations in Lusaka Central Constituency.

A check by ZNBC news shows that long queues that characterised polling stations in the constituency in the morning have disappeared.

And a team of SADC observer mission was seen going round polling stations in Lusaka, checking on the voting exercise.

Polling stations will close at 18 hours and initial results are expected on Friday.

Zambians are voting in an election that will usher in the country’s fourth President.

The election comes after the death of President, Levy Mwanawasa, on August 19.

Polling stations opened at 06.00 hours across the country on Thursday to enable the 3.9 registered voters to cast their ballots.

An early assessment shows that the voting is peaceful, with most polling stations recording a relatively fair turnout.

The polling stations will close at 18.00 hours and the first results are expected on Friday.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia- ECZ- has opened a center in Lusaka which will release presidential election results as they trickle in from various parts of the country.

ECZ Chairperson Justice, Florence Mumba, said the center is expected to announce the first presidential results by Friday morning

And a number of people in Livingstone have been turned away from polling stations because they do not have green National Registration Cards,NRCs while others have invalid voters’ cards.

Livingstone District Electoral Officer, George Kalenga says some people wanted to vote using photocopies of their NRCs or other documents like driving licences and passports.

At the Old Boma Polling Station the Presiding Officer, Owen Kashoti said one person was turned way because he wanted to use the voter’s card for the 2001 elections.

Meanwhile a number of people who have cast their votes in Livingstone are happy the elections are taking place in a peaceful atmosphere.

Others are however, concerned with the low turn-out of voters.

But Livingstone District Election Officer said the turn-out was high in the morning though it reduced later, probably due to the intense heat in Livingstone.

Source: ZNBC