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As per usual we have been waiting for ECZ to release the final count for all to see but somehow Justice Florence Mumba in her wisdom is still holding on. The results are now tightening with the spread narrowing as the last polls show.


PF is still in the lead with 26 constituencies to go as tabulated below. This lead has significantly narrowed from over 150,000 at one time in the reporting process down to only 35,000 as revealed here below.


Zambia Votes’08 – Actual Elections Results


Votes Cast


% Won

Michael C Sata (PF)




Spread PF Vs MMD




Rupiah B Banda (MMD)




Spread MMD Vs UPND




Hakainde Hichilema (UPND)




Spread UPND Vs HP




Godfrey Miyanda (HP)

















At this point it is obvious that the final race is between PF and the MMD but our own analysis shows that since voter turn out was as low as 52% of the registered voters, then of the 3.9 million that are registered roughly 2,028,000 turned out to vote.


The total votes counted so far amount to 1,576,905 which is 77.76% if not more reported so far. Using regression analysis, the MMD will have to get 62% plus one of the remaining votes just to breakeven and be declared final winners.


According to the MMD, their own count shows that they would win this race by a 60,000 spread but the numbers thus far don’t seem to support that notion. To achieve such a spread, they need to capture 95,364 more of the remaining votes than PF out of the remaining 451,095 undeclared to this point.


Conjunctively, it must also be noted that the Zambian Chronicle has no dogs in this fight; we are only interested in making sure numbers make sense.


As a private multi-media enterprise, the Zambian Chronicle would work with any government legally elected by the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise, report facts as they present themselves and communicate such for the citizenry to make their own informed decisions.


The will of the people is God given and unalienable; besides numbers don’t lie – Zambia is greater than any single one (or group) of us, Live Long & Prosper … thanks a trillion.


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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